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Wie geht's? Unicorn Hospitality enters Berlin and Germany

20 May 2023

Be bold or go home! Unicorn Hospitality is entering Berlin in Germany with our next generation hospitality services company.

For quite some time we have been planning to broaden our scope and expand. After several talks with strong and talented profiles for the modern hospitality companies in Europe, we are jumping off the rock and will establish Unicorn Hospitality Group in Germany now already from june 2023.

From working with the "tomorrows" of travel companies Bob W. and numa Group in Norway we are very focused to build the next generation of a hospitality services company for modern hotels, serviced appartments and travel partners. We see our co-operation more as a strong business relationship when our Unicorns (housekeepers) can be the extended point from the operator and face towards the guest - in addition to do cleaning and prepare the rooms. And especially working with the "new" modern operators who are 100% digital with check in (no receptions) and guest communication we see that in this field we can be a great partner.

We take great pride in educating our Unicorns in specific brand standards required from the operator or hotel brand. Even more, we train to be a hospitality company - and not a cleaning company. In that way we think the guest experience even stronger and live the brand we work for and love

"It has always been a great ambition to build a unique service company within hospitality. And with todays modern partners we have accelerated how we work and we are 100% digitally in daily operations. This is extremely efficient both for us, our employees and for our customers and partners", says Lars Lindo - founder and Chief Unicorn in Unicorn Hospitalty Group.

First we take Berlin, then we take Manhattan! Who knows, we are scaling our business and really enjoy to grow with fast forward thinking partners!

What a great adventure!

Lars Lindo, founder and Chief Unicorn

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