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Bring some soul to travel and housekeeping

17 May 2023

German numa Group is really on the move and enters Oslo with 2 prime locations

We are so thrilled to have signed an agreement for housekeeping and cleaning with numa on their 2 locations in Oslo. First the iconic and beautiful building numa Topp in Skovveien with 33 apartments which opened in April.  Then the second property numa Hallen in Posthallen with 21 brand new entities opened May this year.


numa Group is a german boutique apartments chain with more than 3000 units across the biggest cities of the continent. They will fit Unicorn perfectly as a partner to co-operate with. As we see it numa and their team are among the “tomorrow” of hospitality with fully digital accomodation, still with soul and real passion for travelers.


We are so looking forward to start welcoming guests within just a few weeks together with Dora as Numa Operations Manager for Oslo. Thank you for your trust, Dora and Julius Anders in numa.

This will be an exciting journey!

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